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Want to Decorate Your New Home Yourself? Try These 8 Tips

When you buy a new home, you feel elated and ready to start a new chapter in your life. And the home you just purchased is the perfect blank canvas. You can do anything you want to make this house feel unique, inviting, and homey.

You likely prefer decorating your home yourself, but the entire process can seem a bit daunting. Below, we’ve listed eight tips you can use as you prepare to decorate your new home. Read on to discover what you can do to add flair and class to your home in a few easy steps.

1. Decorate One Room at a Time

To avoid feeling overwhelmed by the task at hand, decorate your home one room at a time. Start with private spaces, such as the bedrooms. Even though you may have dozens of rooms to decorate, starting with your personal space provides you with a put-together room you can feel at home in.

If you plan to entertain guests in your house soon after you move in, you may want to decorate living spaces immediately after you decorate your bedroom. Then, move to less used spaces like bathrooms, guest rooms, and home gyms.

2. Choose Your Color Scheme

No matter which room you decorate first, pick a color scheme for it. After all, you want the room to feel connected and whole, not disjointed and incomplete. Likewise, you don’t want the room to be splashed with various colors that don’t complement each other.

Pick any color scheme you want, as long as the colors work well together. Avoid tones that are too dark, as they can make the room seem cramped and dreary. Select colors that are bright and vivacious or cool and calming.

To make sure the entire color scheme perfectly fits your vision, choose your artwork, bedding, furniture, rugs, and other décor first. Select your paint color last. You’ll have an easier time matching the paint color to your decorations and furnishings if you choose the paint after you’ve selected everything else.

If you want different shades of one color in a room, you’ll want to balance everything out. Select your base color for decorations and paint. Then, purchase blankets, throw pillows, and accent paints that are 50 percent lighter and 150 percent darker than your base color. Once you’ve finished decorating, you’ll have a room filled with colors and décor that perfectly complement everything else in the space.

Additionally, avoid using bright colors in hallways and entryways. Instead, decorate these areas with light, neutral tones. Colors like cream or ivory accent your chosen color schemes and make the individual spaces look brighter.

3. Create a Focal Point in Each Room

The best way to draw attention to each room is not by using bright colors or lots of décor. Instead, create a focal point in every room in your home. For your bedroom, your bed could be the focal point. In the bathroom, you could make the tub or shower the center of attention. Likewise, your living room could draw attention to a fireplace or sitting area.

6. Brighten Up the Space

Place at least one mirror to every room to add more light and make it look bigger. If you want to make the space look brighter, add multiple mirrors. You may also want to cover the windows with sheer window treatments so sunlight can more easily stream inside.

You can also layer lighting in main rooms to enhance their features. For example, you can install hanging lights and accent lighting that work together with the ambient (or general) lighting. Look for mini chandeliers, wall sconces, or anything that fits your personal taste.

7. Use Textures to Complement Neutral Tones

Perhaps you prefer to use neutral tones rather than bold hues throughout your home. If so, you can still create a beautiful look in each room by using textures to complement the neutral color scheme. When you illuminate your room, the light will hit these textures in certain ways to make the room look unique and interesting.

You can also include décor with small hints of color that complement your neutral tone. For example, if you have a cream-colored bedroom, invest in similar colored bedding, rugs, window treatments, and artwork that also have traces of blue, purple, green, or any color you like.

8. Arrange Your Living Room Furniture Properly

In larger rooms, you can’t just throw your furniture anywhere in the space. Instead, arrange it properly to create the best look possible. Place your couches and arm chairs in a “U” shape around your coffee table. Or, create an “H” shape with a couch on one side of the table and two chairs on the opposite side. These arrangements keep the area open and allow you to talk with visitors easily.

Make the most of your new home and use the tips above to effectively decorate the space according to your tastes. If you ever plan to sell in the future, these additions could make your home more appealing to potential buyers and ensure a quick and successful sale.

It also helps to have a great realtor in your corner, such as those in the Kathy Gagnon Team. Give us a call when you’re looking to sell, and we’ll find you the perfect buyer for your home.