Malvern, PA

Malvern, PA Real Estate and Community Information

History of Malvern

Malvern real estate is located in Southeast Pennsylvania in Chester County. The history of property for sale in Malvern can be traced back to the 17th century when Welsh immigrants purchased land from William Penn.

The search for homes in Malvern increased during the early 19th century when Chester County residents constructed a wagon trail near Malvern that made traveling to and from Philadelphia easier. This search inspired home builders to construct many single-family homes near Malvern’s commercial centers. Some of these homes are still extant near Massacre Farm.

Malvern’s residential real estate market grew during the 1870s after the Pennsylvania Railroad established rail service in the area. This growth was sustained throughout the rest of the 19th century after Maven residents decided to form its own local government.

Several Malvern realtor associations experienced an increase in the demand for Malvern homes for sale during the 1990s after Malvern’s local government obtained help from Chester County officials to revitalize its downtown area. This effort has spurred the demand for newer Malvern homes from professionals who wish to escape Philadelphia’s hustle and bustle.

Malvern is now a modern Pennsylvania borough that offers a home buyer who wishes to relocate to the greater Philadelphia area many benefits. Some of these benefits include a relaxed lifestyle, safe neighborhoods and many interesting attractions. These benefits make Malvern homes for sale a fantastic value that is hard to match elsewhere in Pennsylvania.

Malvern Recreation and Attractions

The Chester County Parks & Recreation Department Operates several recreationalMalvern, PA Recreation facilities that are located near property for sale. Kathleen Gagnon, a local Malvern real estate expert, can help you find a wonderful home that suits your needs. Some of these recreational facilities include three regional trailssix regional parks and six senior centers.

Moreover, Chester County’s parks offer a prospective buyer who is interested in purchasing a home in Malvern many outdoor recreational activities. Some of these activities include camping, hunting and fishing. Malvern residents can learn more information about how to do these activities safely by taking one of the outdoor recreation classes offered by the Chester County Parks Division.

Home buyers in Malvern will enjoy living in this city because it is located near many interesting historical and outdoor attractions. Not to mention, that offes Malvern residents many ways to explore Chester County’s unique surroundings. Some of these attractions include the Paoli Memorial GroundsChester Valley Golf CourseNottingham County Park,
the Longwood GardensMarsh Creek State Park and the Colonial Theater.

Events in Malvern

Chester County hosts several cultural and family friendly events throughout the year. Some of these events include the Malvern Sheep and Wool Day Festival, the Independence Day Freedom Festival and the Chester County Old Fiddlers Picnic. For a calendar of events in the area be sure to visit the Chester County Chamber of Commerce’s event website.

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